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Moving Seattle tweets

Emma Patterson

@ejoypoole soooo ummm you're moving to Seattle!?


6 years ago

J.J Berk

@MCSaho so when are you moving back to Seattle :)?


6 years ago

Natasha Feise

Gonna miss my manager who is moving to Seattle ** #actuallylikemymanagers #secondparents?


6 years ago

Lost Angel™

Right after high school I'm looking in to moving to Seattle Washington, I hear its pretty nice over there.


6 years ago

Cap'n Finnnny

Yup im moving to Seattle. Peace NZ.


6 years ago

JAN 10.

my parents are thinking about moving to seattle :3


6 years ago

augi bear

You can now legally smoke weed on WA. Seen a lot of people in Seattle openly smoking on tv. I’m glad I’m moving back soon.


6 years ago