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Multiple Dysfonctionnement tweets

Awkward Posts

Multiple choice (test): A, B, C, or D? “Well I haven’t had a B for like 4 questions so I’ll choose that”


10 years ago

Ruda y Cursi

Lo bueno de tener trastorno de personalidad múltiple es que puedo armar un fiestón nomás conmigo.


10 years ago

Not Will Ferrell

My version of flirting is looking at someone I find attractive multiple times, and hoping they are more brave than I am.


10 years ago


i dont understand people who make multiple facebook statuses every day like wtf i havent made a facebook status since like world war 2


10 years ago

The Onion

"It’s not often you see a reporter who can write multiple sentences that don’t have glaring errors." http://t.co/XsRFNPoCcy


10 years ago

What The F*** Facts

Antarctica has multiple flags of which not a single one is considered to be the official one.


10 years ago


Did you know GTA 5 has multiple endings? Check our wiki to find 'em http://t.co/AzKWRoIeoz


10 years ago