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Muscheln Im Meer tweets

☁Jc Caylen

No hashtag... Just ask for a follow. Im followin now ..or RT! I go down the list at times :)


7 years ago


I hate when people ask what im doing tomorrow I dont even know what Im doing right now stop doing this to me


7 years ago


So apparently my area of UK is about to get hit by a hurricane in a few days. Good thing Im in LA #yolo Worried about ma dogs thou :c


7 years ago

High School Problems

when something funny happens i can guarantee you im that one friend who keeps laughing even though everyone else stopped 10 minutes ago


7 years ago

Wiz Khalifa

Im not gonna lie. Im still recovering from yesterday's madness. Nothin but dabs and water for me #WentTooHard


7 years ago

Funny Tweets™

yes mom i know my room is a mess its a metaphor for my life im trying to be poetic


7 years ago

Common White Girl

ive decided im not gonna like boys anymore ive had enough their dumb faces their voices their bodies their hot bodies boys r hot i love boys


7 years ago