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My Own Google tweets

♥♡ December 5th ♡♥ツ

I Wanna Make My Own Beanie, But Google Acting Stupid -.-


9 years ago


@coldwrapped Thanks my phone google Fu is not working! If it will play, I may own a shiny new bluray boxset of BSG! Woohoo!


9 years ago

Salvador Romero

I am using @BrandYourself to improve my own Google results, I recommend you check it out (it is free): http://t.co/jXAgdJCL


9 years ago

Mike Tansey

I need ideas- I want to start my own home based business? - Yahoo ... http://t.co/4Vg5wYkf


9 years ago

Claire Hewitt

Much prefer bloglovin to my google reader these days. So I added the option to my own blog. Just incase you wanna follow.


9 years ago

Ryan Ball

@Onnit just ordered some battle ropes. A quick google search proved I couldn't make my own for anywhere near your price.


9 years ago


RT @KennethBrav: I have Google translate on my phone. I'm multilingual. Argue with me...in your own language if you want.


9 years ago