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Niall Horan

Sorry I didn't come outside the hotel guys! Havin one of those days with my stupid knee !


5 years ago

Michael Clifford

It's weird how easily you remember lyrics from songs you haven't heard in years :)


5 years ago

Damn Its True!

Just because we don't talk anymore, that doesn't mean I don't still think about you.


5 years ago

Alfredo Flores

Great night and now @justinbieber is back making music. He just won't stop.


5 years ago

Miley Ray Cyrus

Sinead. I don't have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week.


5 years ago

▲Horóscopo Negro▲

#ACUARIO:analizas tus sentimientos.Te dejas llevar pero intentas centrarte y ver realmente qué es lo que t conviene.Has hecho muchas locuras


5 years ago


"I don't like him, he don't like me. I don't like his hair." - Terrell Suggs on Tom Brady » http://t.co/29LGzG6h6y


5 years ago