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Airline Discount Employee tweets


Here are the 25 best universities to work for, according to employee reviews: http://t.co/jfV7zM6D0e


5 years ago

The Onion

In Focus: New Little Caesars Marketing Strategy Has Employees Throw Themselves On Hoods Of Passing Cars http://t.co/6Jq7ABZt0l


4 years ago

Kevin Bridges

Using your phone to book flights on the website of a budget airline can significantly increase your chance of a stroke, according to me.


4 years ago

E! Online

This restaurant is offering a discount if you give up your phone during the meal! Would you go for it? http://t.co/uBdfbSFsEA


4 years ago

The Independent

EasyJet threatens not to let passenger board after he criticises airline on Twitter http://t.co/qhFQ7U0jAg


4 years ago

Bleacher Report

A CVS Pharmacy mocked the #Redskins' 0-3 start by offering a discount on Kleenex. http://t.co/j19WCE9pZ7


4 years ago

Fichu Desintox

L'UMP, la manipulation, tjrs. Une employée Sephora "neutre" qui défend le travail de nuit ? Devinez. (via @hillson_) http://t.co/pfn0pImxRp


4 years ago