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New World Wine tweets

Frogen Yozurt

Inventing Wine: A New History of One of the World's Most Ancient Pleasures by Paul Lukacs http://t.co/fxMAckAY http://t.co/HZF5b3Y7


6 years ago

Peter Pan Wine Guy

The sustainable world of New Zealand wine http://t.co/WxZrw3wT #wine


6 years ago


They keep the condoms by the wine at this new New World. FINALLY, they listened to my advice.


6 years ago


RT @Bosworthwines: Aye “@winehero: Here's the news: “Australia is the most exciting new world wine country on the planet." http://t.co/ ...


6 years ago

Yossie Horwitz

RT @WineFolly: The old world vs. new world map http://t.co/Ov8KeeOw


6 years ago

ian brastauskas

@SunkissedTeresa new world or old world? My dads a wine collector so ive always drank more french but cali is moving up http://t.co/MNccmNMO


6 years ago

Lindsay Bloodworth

RT @queenelll: There is no worst feeling in the world than getting a new bottle of wine and going to open it and realizing you have no c ...


6 years ago