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North Country Now tweets

Jaz & Stella.

I'm sorry I lived in New York for 7 years but now I'm in North Carolina so I guess the country peeps have affected me I've been here for [c]


5 years ago

Robert Cole

@coleman03_eric @country_black26 @Vince_Chente @Thisphotoguy he about to conquer north county now lol


5 years ago

Bridie North

@GarryStitchell because I live up north now and my West Country accent isn't appreciated. Which is sacrilege really, it's my best feature


5 years ago

Golf and Golfing

[Golf Golfing] Corning, Inc. sponsors annual education fundraiser golf tournament for Kids' Place - North Country Now http://t.co/PwDSf5mH


5 years ago

Herman Beck

Girl from the North Country by Johnny Cash with Bob Dylan... now at KWBC.FM


5 years ago


@MarkusGraft Even now if it were to be ALLEN WEST, the country's CONFIDENCE could have been reaching the NORTH STAR but AMERICAN fate F'D UP


5 years ago

Nicole pain

I want to do things... I want to travel.... why does the north country never have ANYTHING to do. Now that its getting cold its worse #stop


5 years ago