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Not Just A Game Slash tweets

Chris Edwards

@Simmsey if Wilson was a Devils player that would have been more like 10 game ban. Voth got 12 games before for a slash. #LaughableEIHL


6 years ago

steve cocking

@lisaloop30 so this slash is only a 3 match ban - off the play not even in game time as whistle has gon - the league needs ta get a grip


6 years ago

Robert Morris Hockey

RMU on the PK for the second time this game as Jones is off for a slash


6 years ago

Darryll Brewer

3 game ban for a slash off the puck in the Steelers v Panthers game. Probs fair BUT any teams outside the big 3 & it would be 10. #disparity


6 years ago

Zoe Hill

@MeiTimbs i hear you're off to the Big Game, thinking a couple of drinks slash a pub crawl after with @HollyOHarrison ?


6 years ago

Jason Murphy

RT @Tomskii16: @spudmurphy13 @cardiffdevils @simmsey Chris Simon had 25 game ban for a similar slash in the NHL Wilson gets 3? Laughable


6 years ago

scott buglass

@CORKY0069 @KipperBedwas i was at the game mate it was a disgusting slash as the players were going back to the bench after Sheff scored !!


6 years ago