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O Me O Life tweets

xito core

Me tatuo this is my life o family forever en alas


8 years ago

Gotham's Reckoning

#IfYouCanReadThis WHY? Why leave w/o an explanation to why you have to completely cut me out of your life?!


8 years ago

Chihiro ☺

@nowyouseeme_ but @gleekywitch let me borrow a book so I am happy I have something to read, which will take over my life until I'm finished☺


8 years ago

Rachel Smith

My dad is mad at me because I've been laying in the dark watching the O.C. all day... Story of my life.


8 years ago

* Avila *

Mmm.... These nuggets are giving me so much life right now! S/o to #1omf for take me to MCD! You're a LIFE SAVER!


8 years ago

Nick Osei

@JenDiana when are you gonna come and show me bout the bursary life? :O


8 years ago


this is the best day my dad picked me up early from school bc i got sick l o l and now im at home watching tv life is great


8 years ago