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Old Kazahstan Movies tweets

Rude Comedian

Horror movies don't scare me, 5 missed calls from my mom scares me.


8 years ago

Seth Rogen

New study shows there is actually MORE violence in PG13 movies than R rated movies. Great job MPAA! http://t.co/pZi3sN6lLN


8 years ago


I just wanna make out with you and cuddle in baggy clothes watching movies and idk maybe put my hand down your pants whatever.


8 years ago

Rolling Stone

Stevie Nicks has been cast for an upcoming cameo on #AmericanHorrorStory: #Coven, says Ryan Murphy: http://t.co/3JY6iFGTiI


8 years ago

Gentleman's Handbook

You know what sounds good right now? Cuddling up with you and falling asleep watching movies. That's what sounds good right now.


8 years ago

Notebook of Love

Let's cuddle and watch movies together.


8 years ago

Yahoo Movies UK

Sam Claflin:"See me later and I'll give you one… a sugar cube I mean!" #CatchingFireLondon http://t.co/FtIOXydH1U http://t.co/XGx3C7O0CQ


8 years ago