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Olivia Hillmeyer tweets

Olivia Holt

A little message before all you lovelies hit the sheets tonight... Captain Phillips is a must see. & Tom Hanks, is brilliant. Sweet dreams.


10 years ago


Devlin ft Ed Sheeran & Olivia Leisk - Dreamer http://t.co/CxPZzwQgs3 #DevAndEd


10 years ago

The Paris Review

“Where would poets ... be without some badly behaved lovers?” Olivia Cole on Frank O’Hara’s “To the Harbormaster” http://t.co/I02z3LAu43


10 years ago


Mark Zuckerberg rachète son quartier pour protéger sa vie privée... alors qu'il aurait suffi de modifier ses paramètres de confidentialité.


10 years ago

ABC's Scandal

Last week's episode of #Scandal brought this intense moment between Olivia (@kerrywashington) & Huck @guillermodiazyo http://t.co/SBahLViyUk


10 years ago

Rob Fee

Shoutout to the sports bar w one tv playing Law & Order: SVU just in case someone showed up at noon on Sunday to catch up on Olivia Benson.


10 years ago

Grimes, tech-Faery

i love how olivia pope always has wine and popcorn after work


10 years ago