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One Direction

Film a video for 'Heart Attack' & share: #1DDayMusicVideoHeartAttack (If your dog likes miming/dancing we'd be especially impressed) 1DHQ x


10 years ago

Alfredo Flores

Wanted to share this with all the moms who may follow me. Thank you mom for being my hero. http://t.co/cv8fgNpKp4


10 years ago

Naya Rivera

So excited to share the SORRY fan video we created with your covers. Love the way this turned out!! #NayaSorry http://t.co/s1RCDP11Xj


10 years ago

Chance The Rapper

my new music video is so close to a million views, share it with someone new today and lets get it there. http://t.co/40Sbn7QTW5


10 years ago


At $45 a share, each of you Twitter users is worth $139. A bit more than $99 for a Facebook user.


10 years ago

Kristen Bell

For real: Tell Russia & the @Olympics that #LoveConquersHate. Join @HRC and share your pic. #Sochi14 http://t.co/SzlKFEl3pR


10 years ago

Lauren Jauregui

I know this is a really random thought but i just had this overwhelming need to share this: No matter what (cont) http://t.co/5xV6odRdGd


10 years ago