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Online Ders tweets


@nowischoi ahh ders one selling here ~ nd its way much cheaper dan d original one. maybe u can check online shops der :)


5 years ago

paddy fitz

@ismisesam ye dey were a bit. but jus have ta keep at it pal motivation is key ders a great online thing I was told bout its @ProFitnessGym1


5 years ago


Iv got this headache n it wnt go, ders no painkiller in sight, wish I could take online :(, 2030?


5 years ago

Sean Sun

@HashKetchum @Sean_Ders google pokemon trading card game online. then download it. then we can all play!


5 years ago

Pelumi S Morakin

Being awake this time makes me spend money. Ders nothing else to do but online shopping


5 years ago


@worrido_SK hmmm u don com twita...ders's no ow we wnt kno u're online


5 years ago

Yorkshire Tea.

RT @voguenarry: I love this time of night bc it's just Australians and nz'ders online aka no drama aka calm and fun and party time


5 years ago