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Cristiano Ronaldo

Can you run it like Ronaldo? Play Cristiano Ronaldo's Footy online for FREE today! http://t.co/T4UbPJnVzY http://t.co/wyMGET7tx4


10 years ago

boss bitch.

▲RETWEET▼ if u wanna gain followers, then follow whoever rts. You'll gain quick bc whoever rts will be online -hope you gain (: xo


10 years ago

Damn Its True!

I'm a teen. I spend most of my time online. I have private things on my cell. I go to bed late. I'm crazy about 1 person. #AboutTeens


10 years ago


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10 years ago

Union J

FROM 6pm tonight we are going to do a HUUGEEE FOLLOW SPREE on this account! Make sure you're online and ready to get involved :P Josh + G X


10 years ago

Pelajar & Mahasiswa

Weekend Activity: • Bangun Telat • Mandi Sekali • Nonton TV • Online • Tidur-Tiduran • Nyemil • Ngerjain Tugas (Kalo Inget dan Mood Bagus)


10 years ago

RT if ariana doesn't follow u and when she's online I will try my best to help everyone who get a follow from her #arianatorshelparianators


10 years ago