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Gov't shutdown so they can all go play GTA:Online... bet.


6 years ago

Philip DeFranco

BREAKING: Teens take to streets and riot over the government shutdo…wait…..we're getting word its over GTA Online servers crashing.


6 years ago

D I O R ❤✨

Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? Will The goverment stay shut down? Will the GTA online servers work? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z


6 years ago

Life As Bros

The government actually shutdown so they could all play GTA V online


6 years ago

Wall Street Journal

How a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook can help a new company succeed: http://t.co/uY0ByMkiaB


6 years ago

Charles Garcia

How to get somebody to work at your startup if they'd rather be launching their own? http://t.co/3xvssFeQgS (@charlespgarcia)


6 years ago

Patton Oswalt

The government shutdown makes more sense after reading this. And the GOP is killing itself: http://t.co/BtIwOQhmsP


6 years ago