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Only I Would Do tweets

Charlotte Langford

@EvelovesJLS Ive decided yeah I would like to go :) Ive checked the dates and the Cardiff one is the only date I defo know I can do, because


8 years ago

Emma Stairs ☮❁❀✺

why do they only sell Everclear in the states ..... I'm sure Canada would appreciate tasteless alcohol too


8 years ago


.@ladyblue49 Just OK.. been raining for abt 2 weeks. Ugh. I'm glad for the water, but I'd appreciate it if it would only do it when asleep


8 years ago


Any year 9s you would like to get to know? — Not particularly. Ellie and Amy are the only one I do actually know... http://t.co/EMqGJ9ZI


8 years ago

Kendra D

Only @mrromantical would tell me to call him, I tell him when I can call him, he says ok, but, when I do call, he doesn't answer. Word son?!


8 years ago

Kyla Alisee'

RT @___youngforever: I wonder what would #oomf do if I told him I missed him ? , hmmm not gonna tell him tho ..


8 years ago

Abdi Mohamed

@MoAbdi25 trust me i do lad, genuienly hate my brother. life would be easier and more pleasant as an only child


8 years ago