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Harry Styles

You can pre order Midnight Memories now if you'd like... There it is. http://t.co/RnNx6ebvkV


5 years ago

So Damn True!

let's order pizza and makeout and watch halloween movies


5 years ago

Little Mix

Yesterdays’ hangout in 2 words & 1 hashtag = Pre-order SALUTE + #LetLeighEatCake Mixers HQ x http://t.co/FykdGUwtCM http://t.co/BlRQlFFkJN


5 years ago

Ghetto Translations™

"Team Single" = I'm announcing this to my followers in order to attract other single individuals to flirt with me.


5 years ago

Hannah Montana

i don't understand why people need to do drugs or party in order to have fun like have you ever tried stuffed crust pizza


5 years ago

Occupy Wall Street

State Dept finalized $5million order for custom crystal wine glasses for American embassies hours before #shutdown http://t.co/MfkTbwd8oB


5 years ago

Common White Girl

let's order pizza and makeout and watch halloween movies


5 years ago