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Picture Euphoria

An Otter showing you its baby http://t.co/80dUBmjDGq


5 years ago

innocent drinks

A few people are shocked that we haven't shared a photo of an otter lately, so here's a shocked otter for you. http://t.co/s3gqpQCgZu


5 years ago

OneDirection Germany

Die #1DWorldDüsseldorf hat heute bis 22 Uhr geöffnet und wir haben wieder viele Aktionen & Preise für euch! Wer kommt vorbei?


5 years ago

Emergency Kittens

20 reasons you NEED an otter as a best friend http://t.co/1VHg9MxRgS


5 years ago

Daily Otter

Little otter Yamato gets his head petted: http://t.co/jbpvXsvpAj


5 years ago

Cute Emergency

otter playing with leaf http://t.co/FHnXBgdji1


5 years ago

Animal Pictures

Otter playing with leaf http://t.co/mJ1H7cYXWh


5 years ago