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Pakcing List For Jackson Hole Trip tweets

Common White Girl

i was going to make a list of people that annoy me, but it was too long so I decided to post a pic instead: http://t.co/5KGBwxi2NC


6 years ago

☁Jc Caylen

I wanna take a spontaneous trip to somewhere I've never been.


6 years ago


Beyond excited about my trip to London!!! I'm making some other stops too maybe a few other countries?!? Hummmm :) details shortly!!!


6 years ago


The venom from a Boomslang snake is highly potent and causes you to bleed from every hole in your body.


6 years ago

The Notebook

I am who I am. I’m weird, I’m lame, I run into things, I spill food, I trip, I scream about random & stupid stuff. But, I like it that way.


6 years ago


Tower Records Top 10 K-Pop Albums: #1 EXO #2 GD #3 FTIsland #4 CrayonPop #5 BlockB #6 EXO-K #7 CNBLUE #8 KARA #9 XIA http://t.co/Xjo96w0BHb


6 years ago

Jared Padalecki

Jensen is playing the version of dean that Sam would imagine in his head telling him to stay alive. Mind-trip...


6 years ago