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Panic Attacks Causes tweets

Elle, a MSTie

I slammed a few doors tonight because I ventured out of my room and got cornered by one of the relatives who causes my panic attacks.


11 years ago

Harriet ♥

@HarryJordan42 well, anxiety causes panic attacks so, they're sort of just the same thing x


11 years ago


@AngemelbSPN Snap!! I've had panic attacks too and it causes depression #fact. I want off it too after 15 yrs.


11 years ago


Since I can't drink anymore due to having anxiety/panic attacks I actually feel better this way...drinking causes my attacks to get worst!


11 years ago

Matty B

@misscnicole hey beautiful, you do know that coming down off snow causes anxiety and panic attacks, ya?


11 years ago

Jonathan Hawley

What causes anxiety and anxiety attacks Yahoo7 Answers: "What causes anxiety and anxiety attacks?" - Find the an... http://t.co/OPmGwUF2


11 years ago

Jan Sadler

Three Simple Causes of Panic Attacks and the First Step to Be Taken: A panic attack is one problem to reckon .. http://t.co/O7we9g6f


11 years ago