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Patient 5 Karyotype tweets

Gatito Enamorado

5 comidas que nunca deberías comer > #lose #weight #foods http://t.co/1ffW9UPyQa - sp


5 years ago


空気がすっかり秋だね。ネットで知ったレンジでできる石焼き芋- レシピを会社で試したら超オススメでした。 1.芋洗って水を- しっかり拭く 2.新聞紙に包む 3.レンジの「解凍」で10- 分 4.8分経過くらいで芋が爆発炎上 5.レンジから大量の- 煙が出て火災報知器作動 6.始末書 Let's!


5 years ago

▲Horóscopo Negro▲

#GÉMINIS: eres complicado de llevar, porque eres inestable y la vida para ti cambia cada 5 minutos. Te dejas querer o rechazas radicalmente


5 years ago

Nina Dobrev

TVDers- where do you think we're shooting?? A little night before the premiere trivia... #TVD season 5 premiere tom… http://t.co/Zc3FUHJCo1


5 years ago

ian somerhalder

The calm before the storm...Launching Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries&preparing for the launch of a… http://t.co/TUfXMpLJDp


5 years ago

Perfect Boyfriend

5 rules of a relationship: - stay faithful - make them feel wanted - respect your partner - don't flirt w/ others - have time for each other


5 years ago

Common White Girl

wow i love how your face is 5 shades darker than your neck that's really cute


5 years ago