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Paypal Bank tweets

Nic Caldwell

@lozzzknight Hi Lauren, I can either collect the money from you or can do via PayPal or transfer to the official fund bank account.


6 years ago

Helen Armstrong

Grrr. Online banking & paypal systems conspiring against me sorting Christmas shopping! Bank went down. Now stuck with an echeque! NOT happy


6 years ago

David Gordon

How come i can transfer funds from my paypal to my bank account in 30secs, yet it takes 4 days from one bank to another?


6 years ago

Carolyn Hogg

Haven't even got a paypal account but I keep getting money taken from my bank account.. Brilliant.


6 years ago


@oddshideh that i paid near 70+ for fp's because there was a period where they didnt accept paypal and i had to do a bank transfer T.T


6 years ago

Tiwa savage

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6 years ago

Lynda Moorhead

@ellenkav Hope u got something nice to wear & had a lovely night :) Just about to send u some mon - PayPal ok or wld u prefer bank transfer?


6 years ago