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The Associated Press

New York City Opera says it will shut down, file for bankruptcy after emergency appeal falls short: http://t.co/Ws0pMXRd4a -SS


6 years ago


【本日発売!オトメイトマガジン vol.7】描き下ろし企画では『アムネシア』シンの軍服ve- r.のちびキャライラストが到着!vol.5で登場したトーマ- の軍服ver.の対になるイラストです♪ http://t.co/dsfQWxUBX9 http://t.co/d7S8pcMJKQ


6 years ago

Speak Comedy

Relationships are not like Twitter, you just can't log in and log out whenever you please.


6 years ago

Brick Tamland

FUN FACT: If humans stood in a single file line around the equator, most of them would drown.


6 years ago

Bodor ITU Konyol©

Twitter dan Facebook bisa membuatmu kaya. Caranya sederhana. Log out keduanya dan seriuslah bekerja.. *krik*


6 years ago

Wall Street Journal

People with student loans who file for bankruptcy often end up owing even more at the end of the process. http://t.co/UKPXnEArXu


6 years ago

Total Dip Move™

Roses are red, violets are blue, a log of dip is cheaper than a dinner for two.


6 years ago