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Personal Colection tweets

Turnin' Bitches

#RETWEET THE #TityFollowTrain starts soon!! Everyone follow my personal page for me please @Eurobone ♡


10 years ago

The D

The easiest way to keep people from getting involved in your personal problems is to not post them on the internet.


10 years ago

Cristina Cifuentes

Todo mi agradecimiento al servicio médico, personal de enfermería, auxiliares de enfermería, celadores y personal de limpieza de La Paz.


10 years ago

Craig Groeschel

Don't just settle for a PERSONAL relationship with God. You can also have a SHARED relationship with God! #lifechurchtv


10 years ago

David Bisbal

Nada... Nada Personal. Yo busco algo que sacuda mi cabeza #GraciasTotalesCerati


10 years ago


If Key is anxious about something personal, he keeps it to himself until he sees Minho and the words just fly out of his mouth #키범아생일축하해


10 years ago

Mister Banatero

Puro banat pag katext mo, pero pag sa personal nganga naman.


10 years ago