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Phonetics Symbols With Examples tweets

Mind Of A Real Man

Women: Please set great examples for your daughters & don't let them see you allow nonsense w/your man! Teach them to know their worth.


7 years ago


Six creative examples of what 3D printing can do http://t.co/dQww6BB1iF


7 years ago

Total Sorority Move

Immediately trying to incorporate both of your house symbols into your wedding after becoming official. #TSM


7 years ago

math prof

10 Amazing Examples of Architecture Inspired by Mathematics http://t.co/crATgzSncz


7 years ago

Liz Sly

How to ensure desperate, hungry Syrians get even less help. No examples, evidence cited. http://t.co/hWKNgaaF7g


7 years ago

Forbes Tech News

Six creative examples of what 3D printing can do http://t.co/rPBfSrtLgG


7 years ago

Fact Of Justin

#FOJ beliebers in poland held up heart symbols which got justin smiling *awww {}


7 years ago