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Phydough Truck tweets

Country Music Quotes

That old ford truck was your daddy's worst fear, oh I remember the way love felt in freshman year. #BrantleyGilbet


10 years ago

Preschool Gems

"How dare that garbage truck disturb our meditation!"


10 years ago

Simply Country

I got that real good feel good stuff, Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck, Rollin' on 35s, Pretty girl by my side - Luke Bryan


10 years ago

Country Words

Just a boy in a Chevy truck, that had a tendency of gettin' stuck, on back roads at night. -Taylor Swift


10 years ago

Small Town Problems

There are fights about who's truck is bigger #smalltownproblems


10 years ago


[NEWS] Auburn Beta steals truck, kidnaps woman, and hits 9 cars because he wanted to play real life Grand Theft Auto: http://t.co/iU8GTnClu6


10 years ago

Bleacher Report

Auburn lacrosse player steals a truck & kidnaps a woman trying to replicate #GTAV http://t.co/Z2r0pNqgtL


10 years ago