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Physics Problem tweets

Sam Howley

I've been trying to work on the same physics problem for 10 minutes #imout #showertime


6 years ago

Jaimee Drakewood

Almost done... stuck on this last problem.... where my physics majors at lol


6 years ago

Mackenzie Harris

I swear I solve a problem then don't even know how I got it right smh #physics #studying ** http://t.co/RjCJOM1S


6 years ago

Evil Ogel

@jnxyz probably not. It's a very difficult problem, due to the physics (optics) involved.


6 years ago

Jonathan Cervantes

@CAD_Da_MVP it's open book no problem and I still have the physics test u lucky bastard


6 years ago

Rachel Konieczki

Keep finding myself staring at this physics problem set but getting no where #Wonderful


6 years ago

Emily Johnson

When the physics problem isn't on the internet and I actually have to solve it... #WhyDoesTheInternetLetMeDown


6 years ago