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Pix Kids For Designz tweets

Luke Hemmings

We're all just kids who grew up way too fast


6 years ago

Beau Brooks

This is one of the photos I want to show to my future grand kids. http://t.co/1jrRPctILz


6 years ago

Skip Bayless

Biggest injustice in sports is that kids are forced to risk health playing college football for 3 yrs before they can be drafted.


6 years ago


Kids born today will spend about 25% of their lives looking at screens.


6 years ago

John Green

I love these kids (@shailenewoodley, @natandalex, and @AnselElgort) and am so grateful to them for pouring their everything into this movie.


6 years ago

Adam Levine

Kids! Trade in your retainers for guitars! Just keep em clean and lookin mean!


6 years ago

To The Kids Who...

here's to the kids who feel the same way http://t.co/mhFjTwvBZE


6 years ago