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Pizza Napoli Bremen tweets

anthony spears

all i really care about is internet, slices of pizza, and like 3 people


9 years ago

Hunter Moore

RETWEET if you want pizza and some head


9 years ago

Bitch Problems ✌

let's order pizza and makeout and watch halloween movies


9 years ago

Female Pains

let's order pizza and makeout and watch halloween movies


9 years ago

Josh Peck

You think pizza ever says to flat bread, "come on bro, put on some sauce and let's party."


9 years ago

Piebury Cörner

One customer is in A&E with a cut head, totally unprovoked attack on family's eating from 50/60 Napoli fans! Thanks for all messages.


9 years ago

Pendejos Jodidos

-Sabes cual es la diferencia entre la pizza y tu opinión? -Cuál? -Que la pizza si la pedí.


9 years ago