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Platform Lift tweets

Porsha Harrison

@JLin7 haha you should lift your tree up using some kind of platform at the base. I did that with my 4 ft. tree. :) it's beautiful!


8 years ago

sarah minor

today one of them fork lift things was going past the window and the platform tilted and all these metal sheets hit the building lmao


8 years ago

joe deed

@colinvcourse 215 kgs takes 4 of us to lift them then we got to drop down from the platform edge and cross two sets of tracks it killing me


8 years ago


DV by Dolce Vita 'Nisha' Boot. A skinny stiletto heel and covered platform lift a sculptural suede bootie.... http://t.co/t2Y2ZLIF


8 years ago


SnowBomb Platinum Membership: Lake Tahoe Lift Tix, Hotel & Rental, Membership Good Through May 2013 $60 (SAVE $90) http://t.co/15P8QAaI


8 years ago

Kevin Lee

@carp68 yeah seriously. People in the platform "huddled in fear." Maybe if they had all tried to lift him he would still be alive


8 years ago

James White

@Cerithomas Some routine where you stand with your feet half off a platform and lift up against weight. 10x10 in a row.


8 years ago