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Window Restraint tweets

Paul McMorrow

@ProfessorU Actually just came from a meeting with a bunch of pro designers, and was not tossed out the window. Remarkable restraint.


6 years ago

merline dieujuste

Practicing restraint. I really want to throw it out the window. Phone won't hold a charge. Oh, you're gonna make it to November.


6 years ago

Sarah Boyle

@scrimstreet You showed restraint. I would have rolled my window down and gobbled loudly at them.


6 years ago

Dwiko Wolma Putera

But you promised him, next time you'd show restraint. But you lied again, now you get to watch him leave out the window.


6 years ago


Mark running title stands window dressing graphics mid stuff in trendy restraint of trade shows


6 years ago


@HayesTSN What was he thinking? This is pre-season. Hayes, the restraint you and O-dog hoped for from #71 went way out the window. Awful...


6 years ago

Jody Rowland

You know you're in the middle of the country when you look out the window of the restraint and see a deer standing by a wood pile


6 years ago