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Playstation Online Store tweets


@ATVIAssist it is working now, i just bought black ops 2 but online would not work and my playstation store would'nt work but its fine now


7 years ago

Thor Thompson

@PlayStation - We need to talk. Your online store is abysmal, games overpriced, & you are falling way behind #xbox. Next gen, last chance.


7 years ago

Brian Campion

@Trillian_01 I'm sure his ps3 is connected to play online? Go onto his ps3, find playstation store, the game is downloadable, and free ;)


7 years ago

Paul C

I don't understand why there's no way to use the PlayStation store on the website. Only online aspect that Sony haven't improved over XBL.


7 years ago


Arrggh.. Just got playstation all stars trying to get it to my vita but the store is down to input my online pass...


7 years ago

Ben Bowie

@PlayStation Why do you insist on 'maintenance' on the PS3 store (uk) when I want to redeem Fifa EA pass code to play online! #RAGE **


7 years ago

Scott Coates

@Coatessyy my game come with a month playstation plus! If you get that there's a sick online beta trial to play on store. Chat to ya soon


7 years ago