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Pliante Color Preturi tweets

FC Barcelona

Hoy el Barça estrena la tercera equipación, la de color negro #fcblive


5 years ago

Katy Perry

Another color from my #PRISM: WALKING ON AIR! Available NOW as part of my #PRISMPREVIEW! http://t.co/sqdX3h6BsH


5 years ago

Country Words

I'm booking myself a one way flight, I gotta see the color in your eyes. -Hunter Hayes


5 years ago


Its already October! Happy October! Camp fires, stories, leafs changing color, cool crisp air, & Halloween! Its gonna be a great month!


5 years ago

What The F*** Facts

The color orange was named after the fruit, not the other way around.


5 years ago

Moda de Chicas

Este color me encanta, esa blusa y los zapatos, TODO... RT y FAV si piensas igual. http://t.co/RhWy5Awhjr


5 years ago

Secretos Ocultos

Breaking Bad: Cuando combinas blanco y rosa obtienes el color azul. Walter White + Jesse Pinkman = Blue Meth. http://t.co/Otsr3kyEWq


5 years ago