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Plus Closets tweets


@Helloween4545 Well there are usually less monster closets in real life so that's a plus. Thanks for the replies. :) http://t.co/ve9hQp7B


7 years ago

Carla Janzen (Smith

Spruce up your closets by washing the fabric inserts in those wonderful whicker baskets. Plus u may find things you've been looking 4


7 years ago

K'zykerria Menzio.

Two closets full of shoes plus some.....


7 years ago

Maria Barrios

I SEEEERIOUSLY need at least 3 more closets plus shoe space. idk if its a blessing or a problem #cantGetEnough


7 years ago

Jocelyn Moore

Two closets plus drawers full of clothes, yet I have nothing to wear ** #thestruggle


7 years ago


I gotta get a life....i cleaned all the closets 10of them plus all the dressers....i got prblems


7 years ago

Maria Camargo

RT @lexiiiibear: The only good thing about living in the dorms is that you automatically have like 10 closets plus your own to chose an ...


7 years ago