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Lavoro Part Time Cosenza tweets

Louis Tomlinson

Still not managed to get into the time zone :( feel like a zombie.


9 years ago

Lady Gaga

Everyone's asking me what my favorite song is on ARTPOP. It changes all the time but I LOVE LOVE Jewels n' Drugs feat. TI Too $hort & Twista


9 years ago

Beau Brooks

And believe that last tweet. We came from nothing. I had 5 part time jobs before Janoskians. Always have an image of your goals.


9 years ago

Hunter Moore

RETWEET this is you're a Child of mine or a part of #thefamily and lets all follow eachother <3 make #thefamily closer


9 years ago


Yankees are officially eliminated from postseason with Cleveland's win over Chicago. Just 2nd time in 19 years NY has missed playoffs.


9 years ago

Frankie James Grande

He CRUSHED her w/ a phone breakup and to see Ari that miserable broke MY heart. It was a sad time for us all.


9 years ago

anthony spears

it makes me sick how i have to take time out of my day to do homework


9 years ago