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Print Quota tweets

Samantha Andrade

my print quota is at $7.79. ALL TIME LOW.


7 years ago

Pronounced KA-Tra...

This girl about to use somebody else print quota because they didn't log out of the computer.... should I say something???


7 years ago

Ti' Enjoli

Anybody need anything to print? I'm tryna get this quota to 0...


7 years ago

ashley player ass

@HFBT_Grind i ' ll slap you for makin ' me waste my print quota lol


7 years ago

Leslie Pierrot

CSE professor's final exam review: "Just study everything." Great, professor. Allow me to go eat up the rest of my print quota for you.


7 years ago

The Flying Monkeys

$25 left on my print quota. Hundreds of Winged Monkeys flyers will be made.


7 years ago

Patrick Baker

Accidentally printed out 10 copies of an 11 page PowerPoint I was working on in color and now I have a $1 left on my print quota** #mybad


7 years ago