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Prodaja Racunara I Laptopova tweets


FOLLOW SPREE! tweet me the hashtag #FOLLOWMEJACK and i'll follow some of you guys! thanks so much for 150k <3


6 years ago

Justin Bieber

Singapore I hear you. #believetour


6 years ago

Kevin Hart

This new iPhone is about to have woman stealing there mans thumb prints in the middle of the night! I'm sleeping with gloves on from now on


6 years ago

College Student

Here's to another Sunday night of doing homework that I procrastinated on all weeked


6 years ago

Miley Ray Cyrus

Lemmmmmmmme think of sum special I can do for y'all getting me to 14 million.


6 years ago

Tyler Oakley

Wait that wasn't a fat joke, I literally can't live without carbs like I would rather die than not eat all the bread in the world.


6 years ago

Tweet Like A Girl

I'm not emotionally ready for monday morning


6 years ago