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Proper Werk Vilvoorde tweets

Josh Cuthbert

Officially joined the gym as of today :-) first proper session complete. PS. Smoked Salmon is now my best friend lol


5 years ago

Tyrrells Crisps

It's #freebiefriday! RT & follow before 4pm to #win some of our proper English crisps!


5 years ago

Caitlin Moran

Never heard a roar as huge as the one after @mehdirhasan's anti-Mail rant on Question Time. Proper whooping.


5 years ago

Ricky Dillon

doing some werk on stage http://t.co/xzi0nLWQnb .. http://t.co/5UpkJRFzMg


5 years ago

Indo School Probs

"Sendokir, keles, mele, eug, dimans, kemans." I think our generation needs to learn proper Indonesian.


5 years ago


Yung feeling na, sinabihan kayo ng teacher niyo ng "Go back to your proper seat, now!" Tapos buong klase tumayo.


5 years ago

Marcus Butler

I really want to get a proper ice hockey jersey or something. That would be really cool :)


5 years ago