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Mariette DiChristina

Re blog inquiry: @sciam is a publication for discovering science. The post was not appropriate for this area & was therefore removed.


7 years ago

UN Women

Fact: Women & children 14 times more likely to die in a disaster than men. http://t.co/DZPaznn38R #EWAG13 #GenderJam #IDDR


7 years ago

World Bank Africa

#Tourism is one of the few economic sectors in which women outnumber men in certain positions and are paid the same: http://t.co/bYHloRmZ6Z


7 years ago


The S.I.G.I.T #Detournement concert Saturday 26 OKT’13 at The Venue Eldorado Bdg.More info http://t.co/Z6J49jVrOK or @3HUNDRD


7 years ago


THE LONG AWAITED CONCERT from The S.I.G.I.T.|#Detournement Concert ,Sabtu 26OKT’13 at the Venue Eldorado Bdg http://t.co/vbPTS7DbxL


7 years ago

Gigs Bandung

The SIGIT Detournment | 26 Okt at The Venue Eldorado, Bandung | Ticket presale: 100k ; on the spot: 150k http://t.co/K58XHLiwyH


7 years ago

Phil Kitromilides

Bale is not suffering from any type of hernia. This was made totally clear to Marca by the medical services of the club before publication


7 years ago