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Pulled Hamstring Relief tweets

PB BBQ - Del Ray

Free pulled pork sandwich for any gov employee if there is a shutdown. 1 per day, must have gov ID & EXCLUDES CONGRESSMEN.


10 years ago


#ArrestedDevelopment is Phonte: A critical fave with a cult following that got pulled by a major, but came back indie and got his bread. lol


10 years ago

Chord Overstreet

Just walks up to someone in a Porsche at a stoplight and pulled them out of there car. I may be playing too much Grand Theft Auto.


10 years ago

Kirsten Tynan

All IRS agents have been sent home, the NSA's plug has been pulled, lights are off at the White House and Congress, right?


10 years ago

Flirty Words ♡

Being pulled in closer during a kiss >


10 years ago

Ryan Beatty

I really don't want to get my wisdom teeth pulled out ever, can't they just gracefully fall out


10 years ago

The Batman

Pulled the power to Joker’s hideout during the last 5 minutes of the Breaking Bad Finale. And he says I don’t have a sense of humor.


10 years ago