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Pure Sine Power Inverter 1200 Watt tweets

NBA Legion

Metta World Peace was asked if he's more comfortable playing small forward or power forward...his reply? "I'm more comfortable in bed."


10 years ago

Disney Words

Never underestimate the power of a big heart. –Piglet


10 years ago


The #Aries goal in life is safety. The climbing, the power, the success -- it's all about feeling safe.


10 years ago

informasi Lengkap

Jika Anda tekan nomor 3-3-2-3-9-3 pada smartphone, touchtone smartphone Anda terdengar tema lagu dari Power Rangers. #7d


10 years ago

Celtic Football Club

84. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL- LL!!!!!!!!!!!! TONY WATT!!!!!!!! 2-0 FOR CELTIC!!!!! http://t.co/QQEzWrE61P


10 years ago

‏Este é alguém

Esta é a Julia, ela vive postando frases sobre recalque e o ódio q as inimigas sentem dela. Vai com calma Julia, vc não está no power ranger


10 years ago

Patton Oswalt

Walter White finds peace when he embraces true horror -- that his only love is for his monstrous, "pure" meth. #BabyBlue


10 years ago