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Queen Calaver Hamburg tweets

Michael Clifford

My neighbors have the best playlist, soundgarden followed by radiohead with led zeppelin/queen aswell. merry christmas \m/


6 years ago

BBC Breaking News

"It is easy to forget to pause and take stock" - Queen's Christmas Day broadcast in full: http://t.co/OlnXo3fEPH http://t.co/TII46PUrPk


6 years ago

Disney Words

Whatever choice you make, let it come from your heart. –Queen Clarisse (Princess Diaries 2)


6 years ago

Sammy Rhodes

“Yes,” said Queen Lucy. “In our world too, a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.” - CSL, Last Battle


6 years ago

Joe Sugg

The royal family open their presents on Christmas Eve.. I wonder if the queen got an xbox one or a ps4?...


6 years ago

Elizabeth Windsor

And for avoidance of doubt, this is Christmas. Not Festive Time. Not Holidays. Not Seasons Greetings. Christmas. Royal Command. #Christmas


6 years ago

Glenn Greenwald

Edward Snowden selected to deliver the TV Christmas address to the UK after the Queen on Channel 4 http://t.co/BPDN37sApm


6 years ago