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Scooter Braun

2nite @justinbieber had a rough night but handled it like a man who cares and put his beliebers before himself. very proud. he will be back!


10 years ago

Lauren Jauregui

If Normani's ugly then I'm not quite sure what that makes a lot of people in the world..especially myself like wut she's perfect..


10 years ago


who's up for a little follow spree in honor of 200,000?! tweet me and RT this tweet and i'll follow some of you guys x


10 years ago

Lady Gaga

Were working are on fixing the Livestream, there's A LOT of traffic. If VEVO does not work in your territory, fear not, we're posting video.


10 years ago


The @Saints just set an NFL record for most 1st downs in a game with FORTY. Whoa.


10 years ago

Dalai Lama

I try to treat whoever I meet as an old friend. This gives me a genuine feeling of happiness.


10 years ago

One Direction

#1DFanPicOfTheWeek - a new #1DDayLookalike we found over the weekend. Uncanny isn't it? 1DHQ x http://t.co/3CsmgNHYsf http://t.co/whIR7UUB8i


10 years ago