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Raaniya Dress 02 Grey tweets

Kelly Osbourne

"No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!" #QuoteOfTheDay


10 years ago

camEEla cabeYo

actually whatever man im gonna dress like a homeless person and you're gonna like it


10 years ago

Ellen DeGeneres

Chicago- I want you to dress in a way to make someone smile, & make it interesting! Meet at the Bean at 4pm. There's a big prize at stake.


10 years ago


<블락비 주간아이돌 음성사서함 이용법> 1. 02) 2068-1601에 전화를 한다 * 전화하기 전에 번호 꼭 확인하고 전화해주세요. 비슷한 번호의 분들에게 피해가 갑니다. 2. 안내음성을 듣고 (cont) http://t.co/CyiMlVwwwG


10 years ago

High School Problems

school dress codes are stupid... If my parents approve of my outfit, then there shouldn't be a problem


10 years ago

Not Will Ferrell

"Mom,can I wear a dress?" "No" "Mom can I wear makeup?" "No" "Mom,can I have a boyfriend?" "No" "But mom, I'm 18!" "I know Kevin, I know..."


10 years ago


La versión gaditana de las 50 sombra de Grey. http://t.co/xXfDuuge7X


10 years ago