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cosito de la pizza

Explicame la gente que en la radio pide un saludo "para mi mamá que está acá conmigo". LA TENÉS AL LADO PELOTUDA, DALE UN BESO VOS MISMA.


10 years ago

Jason Long

There some really original and innovative design work going on in the productivity app space. http://t.co/GOFacgy8Dq


10 years ago

Disney Words

Heal what has been hurt. Change the fates' design. Save what has been lost. Bring back what once was mine. –Rapunzel


10 years ago

Cindy Yuvia

Semuanya jangan lupa dengerin oz radio di 90.8FM jakarta ya ^.^ sebentar lagi lohhh~~


10 years ago

Lil B From The Pack

Make sure you buy and support the news paper and print magazines! Support your local radio stations n friends with dreams I love you - Lil B


10 years ago


Pumped for y'all to start hearing #Ride on the radio! Get your phones ready to start requesting and let's take it to the top.


10 years ago

E! Online

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring: Kanye helped design it so it would "look like it was floating on air." http://t.co/DsKUzcufdJ


10 years ago