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Jackie Chan Dies Heart Attack tweets

Dan Howell

it is here! my new video: 'CRINGE ATTACK' http://t.co/RzoZ0eXNt5 please retweet to spread the repressed memories! yay.


5 years ago


#Aquarius have a kind loving heart if they care about you. They're prepared to give you everything they can and will be there for you.


5 years ago

Because I'm a Guy

I bet when Hugh Hefner dies no one will say "He's in a better place now."


5 years ago


"It could be my mom on the court, she's going to get killed." - Derrick Rose, on approach to his return » http://t.co/L1AjeeXdcp


5 years ago

Jonah Hill

Thank everyone at Tulane for showing me and Chan love today !


5 years ago

Disney Words

I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart, I know love will find a way. –Kiara (Lion King II)


5 years ago

Adorable Boyfriend

Promise me you’ll never forget all times we spent together and promise me no one will take my place in your heart.


5 years ago