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Ray Grass Jerrico tweets

Country Words

Silverado, candy painted, Ray-Ban's got the whole world shaded, chrome piece tucked in the console. -Florida Georgia Line


5 years ago


Sebastian Vettel wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! In other news grass is green...


5 years ago

Mister Chip (Alexis)

RAY 2-3 RMA (FT) - El Madrid es el 13er equipo que gana fuera de casa, pese a tener 2 penaltis en contra, en TODA la historia de La Liga.


5 years ago

Ankara'nın Bug'ları

Allah kimseyi AŞTİ'deki x-ray cihazları kadar yalnız, işe yaramaz ve kimsesiz bırakmasın. Amintobello. http://t.co/LBYiAhOvKs


5 years ago

bubble tea ⊙3⊙

说是suho,伯贤,kai3人参加的泰民,娜恩的传统婚礼 Suho, Baekhyun, Kai participated in the Chinese-Thai traditional wedding Taemin-Naeun on WGM [cr: ray_0203]


5 years ago

Geoff Cameron

3 things ruin MLS Playoffs- football lines, plastic grass and Toledo! Let's go @HoustonDynamo !!


5 years ago


Superman: Bruce. Batman: … Superman: Bruce. Batman: *sits up in bed* Clark, you have x-ray vision. You know there’s no monster in the closet


5 years ago