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Reading Festival 2011 Release Date tweets

Ed Sheeran

1st date of MSG is today, then two more, then the two and a half year tour for this album is done. what a way to end it


10 years ago

Harry Styles

Reading some of your comments about Story Of My Life.. Glad you like it maaaaate .x


10 years ago


they are going to release their 3rd album they finished 2 world tours and now a stadium tour zayn was right http://t.co/VbCDMTznOc


10 years ago

5 Seconds of Summer

Dinner date x http://t.co/0JhI9rcfDU


10 years ago

Common White Girl

My idea of a perfect date is to share a 100 pack of chicken nuggets together and complain about everything we hate.


10 years ago

High School Problems

i would never cheat on someone i mean someone being stupid enough to date me is a once in a lifetime thing im not gonna mess it up


10 years ago

kurt sutter

I'll BE WRITING JT'S MANUSCRIPT: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SAM CROW. we will release it the day after the final episode of the series.


10 years ago