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Realwife Sue tweets

Dawn O'Porter

Dear TV, please can you give Mel and Sue a morning show? Thanks. Love Dawn x


6 years ago

Stephen Fry

Ooh, that naughty @David_Cameron stole the “profit’s not a dirty word” idea: shall we sue? http://t.co/qX5fqyNxNG http://t.co/nAaadEJprH


6 years ago

OMG Facts

A woman wanted to sue MGM saying one of their movies caused her to miscarriage! Details --> http://t.co/Khm3jq6nQx


6 years ago

The Verge

Email users sued Google for scanning their messages. Now, Yahoo's getting sued too. http://t.co/RDMXeenypc


6 years ago

so che quando miley verrà in italia, molte diventeranno improvvisamente sue fan. e so anche che, se le trovo, le appendo al lampadario.


6 years ago


MUST READ: Guptas sue Mail & Guardian and Sunday Times for R500-million over defamation. - http://t.co/kvcR0bNDfG


6 years ago